Summoning Margaret

Here is a very unfinished poem for day 13. I spent most of the evening decorating a prop Necronomicon, so unfortunately, I didn’t have a ton of writing time! Just normal evening activities.



So there you go again – dying
all over the place and you know,
I never really got those sigils right
with the hot glue and paint so
probably this is really the end.
So. Remember the time I forgot
myself and said there has never
been a day I did love and carry
you gently, like a katra, like a silk web
I had woven into my ears? Margaret,
is it strange how much I think of you?
Brave as a brass cymbal and singing
twice as loud? Some kind of emotional
quantum entanglement connects our eyes
through portraits always or maybe
it’s just that I was also flung through a portal
at the top of the world and found myself
worshipped. Daily we must file our nails
to points to stop them all from interfering.
Margaret, I’m sorry about the sigils, yes,
but I swear, it’s nothing a top coat couldn’t fix.

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