Sarah Terry was born and raised in the part of the Garden State that still looks like it might actually sustain gardens. She spent her childhood keeping track of how many words she knew, forcing her mother to teach her cursive before kindergarten, learning how to balance books on her head, and constantly singing something. When she was nine, she fronted a Beatles cover band called Sway, and sang “Things We Said Today” for a crowd of over a thousand people. She received three standing ovations and has been on a quest for more ever since. Though a deep love of science fiction nearly persuaded her to study astrobiology, the general lack of song and dance-based physics was enough to convince her that she belonged in a different discipline. In 2007, she graduated high school and went on to Columbia University, where she studied poetry and vocal music, performing at poetry readings, and in recitals and concerts with many different campus groups. In 2011, she went on to graduate school at the University of New Hampshire, where she honed her poetic skills and learned how to turn robots, zombies, and extraterrestrial merpeople into meaningful verse. Now armed with her MFA, she has decided to pursue… computer programming! Because what better way is there to get to write video games than to just go ahead and make the whole game yourself?

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