Sarah wrote her first poem at the age of four, on a drawing for her mother that showed the two of them standing with an umbrella, under a rainbow. The poem went, “Wen the rain falls I tern to you becuz you know what to do.” Her spelling has since improved.


“Large Hadron Collider” – Quarto, Columbia University 2009

“Buckminster Fuller” – Quarto, Columbia University 2009

“When Even Death May Die” – Cthulhu Haiku & Other Mythos Madness, Popcorn Press 2012

“End Times” – Strange Horizons, 2012

“I’m the Stone You Can Squeeze Blood From” – Star*Line, issue 36.2, 2013

“Blue Fairy” – Mobius: The Journal of Social Change, 2013

“Tuesday Tuesday, Born on Wednesday, was Born to Travel Time” – Ideomancer, Vol. 12, issue 3, 2013

“Look at me, baby, I’m a star”RHINO Poetry 2014