Voice Over

After a brief foray into the field as a child, when she beat out actual Californians to be the Valley girl voice of a photo kiosk in Levi’s Jeans’ flagship store in Union Square, San Francisco, Sarah recently dove back into the world of voice over work. With a wide vocal range from her years of voice training, and a variety of accents and character voices from her acting experience, she loves the challenge of bringing fully-formed people (or aliens, anthropomorphic creatures, robots, etc.) to life with voice alone.

Here are some samples of her various voiceover projects!

  • The first audiobook clip is from Margaret Cavendish’s utopian fiction and satire, The Blazing World.
  • The children’s story is from Abbie Farwell Brown’s collection of Norse mythology, In the Days of Giants.
  • The characters read with American accents are Princess Dashkof, and the Duchess de Fontanges from Walter Landor’s Imaginary Conversations, and Evarista, from Benito Galdós’ play, Electra.
  • The characters read with other accents are Leonora, from Lewis Theobald’s play, Double Falsehood, Lady Ellen Douglas, from Edmund John Eyre’s play, The Lady of the Lake, and Celia, from Ben Jonson’s play, Volpone.
  • The children and animal voices include the character of Charlotte Morgan, from Maria Thompson Daviess’ novel, “The Heart’s Kingdom,” and the Ugly Duckling, and Ingé, from Augusta Stevenson’s collection of plays based on classic fairy tales.

Check out Sarah’s full LibriVox profile here.

Sarah Terry’s Performance Resume