Love and Waste No More Time

Day 5 and things are already getting wacky. This poem was inspired by paging through some Frederik Pohl short stories and a Nietzsche compilation (two books randomly pulled from my bookshelf).


says everyone dead, but they never do convince us.
My cheeks aglow like the Venusian summer — come
stand with me in all this precious sunlight, caterwauling,
astonished. Good morning and now may I have the marmalade?
I have forgotten time. You stare suspiciously.
This is nice as pie, why, what delightfully impudent mammals
we are! Being nibbled to death by our nobler guilt
and 800 degrees in the shade. When did we leave the house?
When the wind blew in those aromatic reminders of our mortality,
of course, yes, your cheerful blue eyes and your wake-up needle.
Consequently, none of this is conclusive and yet —
what prudent man would write a single honest word about himself?
All of our heroes are liars, full of divine malice.
Let’s cut them apart and clothe ourselves in their better natures.

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