Wake the Oracle

Wake the Oracle

Day 6! Almost a week in!



who once sat
stone-dark, immobile
and born today.
Watch my eyes
move closer
like a flounder

like a brain’s white
shyness standing
in the doorway
til the silence is
gone. I should
forget. I must and still –

I do. Don’t I?
A small, smooth
penny floats past
and I slip my soul
inside. Brash

beaten, drag me
toward my glorious
failure, my bed,
my breakfast
at the end of days.
This day, the pinpoint
I revolve on,
in my sparse field
like desiccated snakes.

What do you want to hear?
Oh tell me! To hear – you’ll see –
is not enough, when

free and low, a trench
creeps closer
and deeper,
knowing the pretense
of our delight.

Belief in me is
only an anchor.
Coming awake,
I can find you –
a moon beached
on my planet’s shore.
If you want it.